Kaifeng Rainbow Machinery Co., Ltd.
Kaifeng Rainbow Machinery Co., Ltd.
Henan, China
Product Evaluationgrain conveyor
multifunction grain conveyor,conveyor feed pellet,plastic pellet,grain such as corn,peanut,rice,wheat,soybean ect
Product Evaluationrice thresher
this is rice thresher machine,we also have multifunction threshing machine,for corn, wheat,rice ect
Production Processicense making machine
this automatic incense making machine, make incense diameter large than 2.5mm,change mold can change the diameter
Production Processpopcorn making machine
ball popcorn making machine,have manual mix and automatic mix model,can change voltage and plug
Production Processpeanut sheller
large capacity peanut sheller with dust cleaning machine
Production Processice cream roll machine
automatic ice cream roll machine,have 6 head,9 head,12head,15head,18head,21head, mold can make as customer demand
Production Processflour mixing
different capacity flour mixing machine, mix head is changeable
Production Processfruit grading machine
this is date grading machine, grade according to date size, we also have different machine for different fruit